5 Reasons Student Prefer to Live on Campus

When it comes to university accommodation, there are lots of options available. Many students however prefer to live in halls of residence on campus rather than opting for privately rented accommodation. The majority of universities are equipped to offer accommodation to every first year student and it is a popular option for those new to living away from home. Campus accommodation is good value, safe and comfortable as you settle in to your studies. Usually student halls consist of furnished flats with a basic kitchen area (often shared) along with washing facilities and perhaps a living area. Depending on the university they may also be catered or self-catered.

Campus life is a great way to make friends and become part of the university community. Here are our top 5 reasons why many students prefer to live on campus.

  • Increased Academic Success

Living on campus allows students easy access to resources such as advisors, the library, computer suites, dining halls and recreational facilities not to mention student organisations. Students also have the opportunity to interact with university faculty outside of the classroom if they participate in any activities during evenings or weekends, after university hours. Without having to worry about commuting, you may be more committed to you studies and more likely to stick it out at university. When it comes to coursework writing for example or tackling a large project, all of the resources you need are close by.

  • Connections

Not only can you save lots of time by living on campus, you can also enjoy a greater sense of community than in private accommodation. Students can save a number of hours by living on site which leaves extra time for both academic and social success. There are plenty of communal areas to access in your spare time where you can meet new people and socialise and halls often arrange social events helping you settle in and make the most of your time at university.

  • No Worries

Many things are taken care of in student halls with all utilities, Wi-Fi and insurance as well as welfare support, all included in the rent. What’s more, the rent is kept under control to make sure universities are offering good value for money. The dedicated welfare support team are available to answer any of your queries in relation to finances, exams or any problems that you may be experiencing. They are on duty all weekend and even during the night so there’s never a time when you can’t reach out for support if you need it.  

  • Save Money

Living on campus is generally a lot cheaper than living in private accommodation. Utilities are usually included in the price of your rent meaning you don’t have to worry about getting a large bill each month because you’ve actually used your radiator to keep warm over the winter. Of course, there’ll always be costs that aren’t covered in your rent, like travel and food. But if you live in student halls that are on campus you are also minimising travel costs by being able to walk to your classes (and keeping fit at the same time!)

  • Safety and Security

You’ll never have to worry about safety or security on campus. With many universities providing a 24 hour reception and dedicated security teams there is always someone available. There are also maintenance teams so you know that any faults or problems with your student accommodation will be fixed quickly and with minimal disruption to your studies.  

Living on campus provides a great environment which offers safety, convenience and promotes academic achievement helping you complete your studies and do your best when it comes to the all-important essay writing, exams and major projects.