5 Tips to Dodge Stress While Moving

Just behind divorce and childbirth, moving is one of the single most stressful life events going. It’s draining, costly and there’s a billion things that can go wrong, so you really do need to look after your sanity. Beyond planning properly and using the right companies, here’s five things to help you keep stress to an absolute minimum during your move.

Lists Help a Lot

Like any big task, what it really comes down is breaking down all the many little tasks, and getting them done. Unfortunately, remembering to do lots and lots of little tasks is difficult and stressful, and as humans, we’re prone to forgetting elements, and that is stressful, and can be catastrophic.

Here’s an easy solution, and definitely an obvious one. Use lists. For everything. Never presume you’ll just remember to do something, because you’ll only manage that seven times out of ten. Those three misses are not worth the stress and potential problems.  

Make Sure Everyone is Fine

One of the big worries about moving is how hard it can be on partners and the kids. It’s expensive, and that can be a powerful drain on resources, as well as stressful in a million ways. Kids generally hate changes, and can really struggle with it all.

It’s in your best interest to put a little bit of effort into looking after everyone, making sure that they’re completely okay. You’ll feel better knowing everybody is roughly okay.

Do Your Research

You know what’s really stressful? Improvising and adlibbing, especially when it comes to anything as expensive and important as moving house. You do not want to be caught with absolutely zero idea what to do at any point, that’s just going to pile on the stress.

You want to do enough research that you’re in full control and fully understand everything that’s happening. You can’t afford to not understand important points, so do some reading, it’s what the internet is for. You’ll feel better.

Don’t Overthink

Overthinking and worrying will definitely set you back while moving. Yes, there are a billion things that can go wrong, but here’s a nifty trick to help you stop worrying about them. Imagine the absolute worst case scenario. Then mentally accept it. Then improve on it.

You’ll quickly realise that there are very few crisis in life that’ll actually affect you that much. Stop overthinking everything, you’re only making it harder.

Prioritise Relaxation

You’ll definitely find the whole stressful experience much easier to deal with if you’re scheduling regular time to take care of yourself. There’s no getting around the fact that we need time to ourselves sometimes, special you-time, in which you watch a movie, get a massage, play some sports or videogames.

Just an hour or two to make you feel relaxed and normal, before you return to the hectic move. It’ll benefit you massively.