7 Caffeine-Free Ways to Get Rid of Winter Tiredness

When winter approaches, people often run to grab their cup of coffee to come out of their lethargic state. But the same can be done using ginseng, a natural herb, and several other ways. There are many people who constantly keep on searching for caffeine-free fixes to boost their energy levels during winter season but often fail to find alternatives to caffeine-infused fixes.

Here is a list of some caffeine-free fixes that you can consider to get rid of winter tiredness:

  1. Get relieved using the herbal way

When it comes to fatigue and caffeine-free ways, the first thing that comes in our mind is the wonder herb, Korean Ginseng. This all-healing herb is known to improve your health in various ways. Though various parts of this herb carry distinct benefits, however, the dried roots of ginseng are particularly used to rejuvenate your body and mind. So keep an abundant stock of ginseng in your home during the chilling weather.

  1. Drink enough water

Amongst the more complicated and sought-after activities, people often forget some minor activities that can largely impact our life. Drinking enough water is one of those overlooked activities that also lead to a lethargic state. Water present in your body is responsible for the transportation of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals throughout your body. So, always make sure that you are drinking enough water every day.

  1. Indulge in a healthy diet

When it comes to eating habits, people often overlook healthy eating and indulge in fast foods and other meals that contribute towards fatigue. Always remember that if you eat healthy, you will stay healthy. Try to incorporate food items in your meal having high content of vitamins, especially vitamin B. Nuts, brown rice, fruits, sardines, freshly extracted juices, and wheat germ are some of the food items that you should include in your daily meal.

  1. Don’t overlook oils

There is a myth that oils always lead to fat, which is not the case. There are some oils which help in reducing the production of fatigue and stress causing hormones. Fish oil is one of the best things your body should be getting. Fish oil helps in reducing the production of adrenal hormones which retracts energy from activities like digestion. Preparing meals using fish oil on a daily basis will not only help you get rid of fatigue but will also boost your immune system.

  1. Workout on a regular basis

This is undoubtedly the best alternative that you should try to overcome laziness. Even if you manage to exercise for 20-30 minutes on a regular basis, your purpose will be served. Step out of your comfy bed every morning and start exercising. Include cardio exercises as well in your daily workout regime. It will not only make you active but also upgrade your mood. Since you will not be able to get much sun exposure during the entire season, it is advisable that you couple your exercise regime with some heath supplements.

  1. Get sound sleep

If you can manage to sleep like a baby, you are sure to feel refreshed the entire upcoming day. Your senses get rejuvenated and your body gets healed if you get a proper and sound night sleep. Try to avoid using electronic devices and watching television half an hour before going to sleep. You can also give your head a good oil massage before going to sleep. The next morning you are sure to wake up with more zeal and energy. 

  1. Health checkup

Despite following a healthy diet and an intense workout schedule on a regular basis, if you still feel inactive and lazy throughout the day, then you should consider visiting a doctor. He will conduct relevant medical examinations and inform you of the problem.   

These are some of the caffeine-free, effective ways to drive away winter tiredness. If you choose to go the herbal way, the best option is the daily consumption of ginseng. This is a natural way to stay active and there are no side-effects of this medicinal herb. Simply ground some ginseng roots and store it in a jar. Now you can easily use this powder whenever you want. You can either mix it in your curry or use it as a seasoning on your salad. So, don’t waste time and get your share of ginseng at the earliest.