9 Things You Need to Know about South Africa’s Best National Park

Imagine you’re a biker, but instead of actively looking for your biker match, you decide to go to South Africa in order to tour the country. South Africa is known for many great things, however, if we had to pick the best, it would easily be the luxury safari Kruger national park. It encompasses both hanging out with wild animals, staying at amazing hotels and lodges, and good, old fun for the whole family – or for a biker, in this case`.

1. Peak Season

Unlike most exotic destinations, the Kruger National Park doesn’t exactly have a peak season. Still, if you’re interested in game viewing, you’ll probably want to go during the dry winter months (late November-early December), while the wet summer season shouldn’t exactly be looked over.

2. Mid-Season

Kruger National Park is in mid-season during from August to October and from March to May. During this period, you can see both the wildlife and the lush vegetation, but as on a same level as during the winter and summer seasons.

3. Low Season

Visiting the Park during the summer can be rather exhausting due to extreme heat, so make sure you stay in an air-conditioned room and that your vehicle has A/C. Camping is not recommended during June and July, but some hard-core campers still do it in the summer, regardless.

4. Best Time of the Year to Travel and Why

The best time for traveling to Kruger National Park depends on what you want to experience. If you’re all about watching wild animals with their newborns in their natural habitat, your best bet is December. For those of you who are more into dense vegetation and birdwatching, you should probably plan your trip around March and April.

5. Weather and Climate

The Kruger Park actually has a subtropical climate, so be prepared for up to 40 °C (104 °F) in the summer and around 19 °C (65 °F) during the winter. Summers are hot and arid while winters are mostly dry and warm. Don’t be surprised with intermittent summer rains in March and October.

6. What to Know before You Go

Like we’ve said before, the Kruger National Park is a very popular South Africa destination throughout the year, so expect a lot of company on your tours and trips. Furthermore, the park is packed with an abundance of wildlife, which means you’ll come across anything from the most colorful insects to the biggest mammals in the world.

 7. What to Pack

Packing is never an easy task, especially if you’re going to a safari. When planning on going on a journey to the Kruger National Park, make sure to pack light cotton clothing, long-sleeved trousers and shirts, a waterproof jacket, hiking shoes, a hat, some sunscreen, and a medical kit.

 8. When to Go and Why

As we’ve mentioned before, the best time to go to Kruger National Park is either December (when all the game watching happens) or late March (where the vegetation is the thickest and most bird flocks can be seen).

 9. Where to Stay

Since you’re going to a safari, what better place to stay than a luxury safari lodge? The Kruger National Park has many on offer, all of which can accommodate anything from honeymoon couples to entire families and groups. We can recommend the Imbali, HoyoHoyo, and Lukimbi Safari Lodges.

Photo: https://flic.kr/p/Tdnrjs