All You Need to Know about Greece Powerball

Greece Joker is one of the favorite lottery games of people all around the world as it is directly associated with others as well like those in Europe. Incorporated in 1997, the Greece Joker has the sole purpose of fulfilling the existing Greek lotto game and became a source of hope for the people. Also known as Greece Powerball, the Joker is immensely popular these days because it has absolutely no jackpot limits. If no one wins the jackpot, the sum will increase drastically the next time and this gives the players an amazing benefit that they cannot wait to exploit.

The accumulated sum can reach unimaginable heights, which has made the Greece Powerball a must try for all lottery fans. The drawings of the game are held twice a week on Thursday and Sunday respectively. The official results of the game can be checked on the website. Playing the Greece Joker is very simple as all you have to do is select five numbers from 1 till 45 and choose another number called the Joker, between 1 and 20.If luck runs in your favor and you are able to get a match with all six numbers, you will take home the largest jackpot in all of Greece.

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Other than the jackpot, there are seven other categories that offer prizes and you can participate in them to increase your odds of winning something. If you have chosen the five numbers and don’t want to choose the ‘Joker’ number because you are unsure of what to choose, you have the option of using the machine that will automatically generate a random number. While you can select all six numbers on your own, the random number generator can also be used for this purpose. Previously, you had to be a citizen of Greece in order to participate in the Greece Powerball, but all that has changed.

With the possibility of playing online, almost anyone can play the Greece Powerball and you don’t have to leave your home for either buying tickets or for checking results as this can also be done online. Those who live in the country can turn on the TV to see the draw live whereas those outside can check results online. Age is the only restriction you have to deal with in order to participate as those under 18 cannot play. This is due to the fact that if you win, a legal document or identification has to be presented to claim the prize and this is not possible for an 18-year-old.

As far as the odds of winning are concerned, winning something in the fourth category is easiest and chances fall as you climb higher, but this doesn’t mean that you cannot win. As long as you are smart in choosing your numbers by analyzing past winning numbers and choosing a combination of even and odd numbers, you just might win. As far as the prizes are concerned, the jackpot in Greece Powerball has gone as high as 19.2 million euros.