Benefits of Fisetin

Fisetin can be found in many of the foods you eat such as strawberries and cucumbers. However, it’s not found in high quantities in any of these consumable items, at least not enough that you can constantly reap the benefit of this flavonoid. A supplement provides you with a high amount of fisetin and has a number of benefits that can improve your overall health.

Stress Reliever
Far too often, people seek out the assistance of a physician to order them a dangerous medication to combat stress and anxiety. A natural solution like fisetin may reduce stress and anxiety while combating some of the damage done as a result of stress and without all of the side effects.

Brain Health
Your brain’s health requires certain nutrients to function properly. Fisetin has appeared to play a vital role in supporting the health of your brain. It may even have the ability to ease the issues associated with stress on the brain. It might enhance your long-term memory. Moreover, studies suggest it causes new brain growth. 

Oxidative Stress Reducer
Fisetin helps the nerve cells ward off oxidative stress associated with conditions. Research on mice has shown it lessens the effects of neurotoxic compounds. 

Anti-inflammatory Properties
Fisetin may inhibit enzymes that respond to fatty acids known as lipooxygenases. It lessens the production of compounds that cause inflammation. Research indicates fisetin’s anti-inflammatory properties might help those who have inflammatory conditions. 

Excessive Cellular Production
Fisetin has the ability to inhibit cells that reproduce uncontrollably. Fisetin acts as an overactive cell inhibitor because it stops the pathways responsible for cell growth since some people experience overactive cell growth. Fisetin may aid in stopping these cells from harming the healthy cells surrounding them.

Fisetin may help the blood cells from sticking together. This has the potential to reduce a person’s risk of having blockage in the cardiovascular system that can cause serious consequences. Fisetin interferes with cell signaling, which assists in reversing vasoconstriction that occurs because of the release of phenylephrine and serotonin. A study conducted on mice showed fisetin improved circulation in mice that consumed a diet high in fat content. Another rodent study discovered it may relax contractions in the blood vessels. 

Bone Health
People who take fisetin might experience healthier bones. Fisetin has shown to support bone health in women who take the supplement regularly.