Benefits of Plastic Media Blasting

The procedure of plastic media blasting helps take away the paint right from a metal object’s surface. Small plastic particles are blasted at high speeds so the metal surface gets scraped. As a result, the collision of thousands of plastic particles strips the paint right off the surface without placing any damage to the frame below. This is the reason why plastic media blasting is opted when an automobile needs to get repainted and the coat of paint has to be scraped off.

And that’s not all. There are other numerous benefits of choosing plastic media blasting that we have highlighted below. Read on to know more.

Its Cleaner

Other ordinary media blasting processes work just like plastic media blasting. The only difference is that minute sand particles are used to graze the metal surface instead. The issue that came with this method was that the gases given off in the air were a combination of paint and sand. Not only is this mixture harmful for you to breathe in, but it is also toxic to the environment.

When we take a look at plastic media blasting, we find that its process helps avoid building up of dangerous toxins in the air.

It’s Safer

Another standard way of scraping the paint off the surface is to apply chemical solutions on the metal surface. The chemicals help to remove the paint of the metal’s exteriors. Although this procedure is effective, they often end up in toxic and dangerous chemical build-up.

In the case of plastic media blasting, the resulting substances developed after the blast are much easier and less dangerous to work with.

Less Waste is Produced

If we take a look at both the procedures listed above, quite a sum of waste is produced that needs to be disposed off safely and properly. Amongst all of these procedures, plastic media blasting and its unique procedure give the benefit of reusing the plastic materials. This makes the process not only effective but also environmental friendly in terms of its produced by products.


The thousands of plastic particles used in striping the paint right off of the exteriors of the automobile can be utilized many times. Every time the plastic media blast procedure is performed, the same plastic particles can be recycled and reused. This, in turn, makes it beneficial for the environment.

Plastic Media Blasting is an effectual method for removing powder coatings and paint coating from all kinds of metals, without causing damages to the metal. However, just as there are concerns and risks with other blasting procedures, there are some risks related to plastic media blasting as well. It is up to you to make sure you observe full safety and caution. You and the people around you must wear masks along with other required safety gear. It is also important that you need be familiar with all appropriate safety techniques beforehand. Only then you can make the most of all the benefits of Plastic Media Blasting.