Business Administration Degree: What You Need to Know

If you are going to college to earn a degree in business, you will find it comforting to know there are many career paths for you to take advantage of. In fact, this type of degree will allow you to enter into almost any industry. Whether you are wanting to work in sales or the medical field, a business degree can lead to a satisfying career and help you secure a stable income. Let’s take a quick look at what a business degree can do for you. 

Different Types of Careers that a Degree in Business can Lead To

  • Public relations
  • Advertising
  • General management
  • Sales and marketing
  • Accountancy
  • HR/personnel
  • Banking/investment
  • Financial services
  • Retail management
  • Hospitality

Top Skills Learned by Those with a Business Degree

As you earn a degree in business, you will undoubtedly hone in on developing certain skills. The top skills strengthened by those with this type of degree include:

  • Analytical capabilities
  • Goal setting
  • Numeracy
  • Teamwork
  • Problem solving
  • Communication and collaboration abilities
  • Time management

What are the Different Types of Degrees in Business?

When you earn a degree in business, you should first decide which type of credential you prefer to obtain. It is important to note that as you earn this type of degree, there are many concentrations you can choose to major in. For example, if you prefer to enter into the business field as a human resources professional, then you will want to take business administration courses in Chicago that have a concentration in human resources. The four main types of business degrees are:

  • Certificate programs: A certificate program in business can generally be completed in as little as six to 15 months. Most times, this type of credential will be earned to compliment a non-business degree. As you complete a business certificate program, you will enhance your marketing management skills along with your finance, human resource management, and marketing capabilities. 
  • Associate degree: This type of degree usually takes about 15 to 24 months to earn. 
  • Bachelor’s degree: This type of degree usually takes about 36 to 48 months to earn and will lead to more career opportunities than an associate or certificate program. 
  • Master’s degree: With a master’s degree in business, which takes about five to six years to earn, you will be able to secure a high-paying career and you won’t face much career competition as most business degree earners don’t have this type of advanced credential.