Definition and risks of gambling addiction

There is a study as per the diagnostic and statistical manual that a person who is diagnosed as having gambling addiction is going through mental illness. It is one of the classifications of psychiatric disorders. There are certain symptoms that have to be noticed to find out if the person is an addicted gambler.

What are the obvious symptoms?

  • One is that the person who has gambling addiction is completely preoccupied with gabling activities. This means that either he is reliving his past experiences or devising various ways to earn money though gambling.
  • The urge to spend huge amount of money so that he can achieve the desired level of enjoyment.
  • The person goes through multiple unsuccessful attempts either to stop or reduce gambling.
  • The person gets irritated as well as restless when he decides to quit gambling activities.
  • The gambling activity becomes a way for the addict to avoid any problems in life. The person who has the online gambling addiction will slowly try to temporarily improve one’s mood.
  • The addiction to gambling is so severe that the addicted person will try his level best to return to gambling after losses. This he feels is the way to earn back lost money.
  • The addicted person will always try to lie to his family and friends as well as employers in the way to cover up for the losses that he faced in gambling.
  • The person will always try to rely on others for money so that he can get out of a desperate financial situation that is caused due to gambling.

The gambling addicted person is almost like that of an alcohol or drug addict. They are compulsive gamblers who are at very high risk in relation to serious work related problems as well as financial and physical issues.