Do You Want to Use Dianabol 10mg Pills in Correct Manner?

One of the most popular versions of Dianabol 10mg pills are sold in the market under the name Metandrostenolone. It is a well known anabolic and androgenic steroid in the market and helps bodybuilders to increase muscle mass and strength during training.

This steroid was developed in 1960 particularly for weight lifters participating in Olympic Games. Athletes usually start with 10 mg daily and then keep on increasing the dosage till they get best results. However, one should be careful about the side effects as too high dosage can prove to be harmful for many.

Dianabol 10 mg pill

This tablet is an anabolic steroid having androgenic properties, which can stimulate protein synthesis that can help in recovering quickly after doing difficult exercises. Therefore, one can do more exercises and also recover quickly and as a result one can develop more muscle mass and strength. At the same time, it can boost up estrogen levels in the blood that can suppress natural testosterone production. High levels of estrogen and lower testosterone may cause certain unpleasant side effects in men.

Now, let us try to understand como tomar metandrostenolona comprimido or in English we can say how to take Metandrostenolone tablets? Bodybuilders usually prefer to take 10mg tablets daily. Some people also like to take it in the form of solution or suspension as they think that the effect of liquid form will be much faster than taking pill or powder form.

Dosage should be maintained as per the gains that you make in due course of time and also keeping in mind the side effects that may happen at higher dosage. Sometimes people remain focused only on the gain and forget about the side effects.

Dosage of Dianabol 10 mg

Government agencies in most of the countries have banned the use of Dianabol for any medical and sports purpose. However, most of the bodybuilder forums usually ignore such rulings. People mostly start with the lower dosage, but as they experience the gain they start increasing their dosage as per their body resistance.

However, this practice may sometimes prove to be counterproductive. The side effects can develop that can affect on long term basis. In spite of that many bodybuilders are tempted to increase the dosage.

Side effects

Those who take Methandrostenolone should always start with minimum dose as side effects can happen even at lower dosage too. However, while increasing the dosage, one must be very careful and observe the following side effects:

  • High BP
  • Mood swings
  • Liver damage and pain
  • Gynaecomastia
  • Acne
  • Male type baldness
  • Cholesterol problem