Everything Need To Know About MTHFR Gene Mutation

Have you ever wondered why all human beings are so alike yet something different? It is all because of the genes, which all the human beings possess as it varies from one person to another. This is why one person can remain fit and strong throughout his/her life while other can fall ill often.

The variation in the gene named methylene tetra hydro folate reductase is one of the major reasons for this. MTHFR is one of the significant enzymes in the human body, which assist in the whole process of methylation. It aids in repairing DNA and several other things.

Some people have MTHFR mutation in their body by birth, which lets them produce low functioning methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase enzymes. Due to this, every part of your body will have the direct impact of methylation. This mutation can also place you at the extreme risk of developing several health problems such as cancer, migraines, miscarriage, etc.

Know the symptoms of MTHFR

Below-mentioned are the symptoms, which represents you are suffering from the gene mutation or not.

  • High level of Homocysteine
  • Often had a miscarriage
  • Folate deficiency
  • Long-standing depression and anxiety
  • Facing frequent gastrointestinal problems like irritated bowel syndrome
  • Have a family history of dementia or cardiac issues

Are you experiencing any one of these symptoms? Do you think that you might have an MTHFR gene mutation? Or are you curious about knowing how genes affect your health? Well, you can talk with your doctor, geneticist, or MTHFR specialist.  Taking an MTHFR gene testing will help you minimize the risk of developing severe health issues. To get a better result, it is better to engage with MTHFR specialist because they guide you in the right way.

How MTFHR affect your health

Do you want to know how gene mutation affects your health? The research is mixed because it is still poorly understood. However, some of the studies suggest the following things:

Having two copies of the gene mutation might increase the risk of many health conditions and even adverse reactions to certain vaccines such as smallpox.  It might also cause chronic inflammation.

Some women with a gene mutation may also develop preeclampsia and it could be linked to certain forms of infertility. On the other hand, some people with the mutation may be highly vulnerable to coronary heart disease.