Five Must-Try Drinks at My Bar

If you love to booze regularly and try new drinks, then you probably need to head out to My Bar at Connaught Place, which offers lots of options. In this article, let us discuss about the best drinks that you must try at My Bar and take your hangover to the next level.

My Bar in CP is very popular among the youth and fully crowded during the weekends. This restro bar is frequented by the youngsters for its vibrant energy, affordable alcohol, loud and live head banging music and cosy interiors. This is the perfect place if you are thinking of spending a relaxed evening with your friends.

The bar has amazing interiors as well right from the flat bench-like sofas with comforting cushions to the no-frill tables and tableware. If you plan to visit this awesome bar, don’t forget to order their top 5 drinks mentioned below to add an extra flavour.

Chocolate Vodka

This is one of the most popular drinks that you can try over here. You would probably have never tried vodka with chocolate. It is their signature drink that is good in taste as well as good at giving you the kick. So, next time when you want to unwind yourself, this is the place to visit and this is the best drink to try.


If your priority is the drink’s taste and not its after-effects, then this is the drink for you. This is the second most popular drink at the bar that you can try. Margarita is the perfect combination of fresh lime and tequila with a hint of sweetness. This is the perfect drink if you are not a regular boozer and want to try something for the very first time.


My Bar provides some good quality local beer as well. It’s the cheapest drink at the bar that can give you a good feeling. This should be your option if you are looking for an affordable drink. There are a lot of varieties available when it comes to beer. You can try wheat beer as that’s healthy as well.


If you are with your girlfriend and want to keep things sophisticated, then instead of going for cocktails, you can try wine. This classy drink can give you good taste and feeling as well. This is the best choice if you are not in the mood of getting high and if you want to keep things simple. There’s also a wide array of wines. It might be bit costly but can add a distinct flavour to your dinner date.

Scotch Neat

If you had a bad day at office and want to change your mood, then nothing is better than Neat Scotch. If you are not a regular boozer, ask the bartender to add little water. Otherwise be ready to hit it neat and forget your surroundings.

So, these are the five drinks that you must try at My Bar. Ensure that you choose your drink carefully depending on your mood and the people you are with.