Four Mistakes That Online Tutors Must Avoid Committing

Mistakes are a part and parcel of every profession and it’s only the nature of mistakes that differ. Online tutoring is a convenient, lucrative and profitable profession, but you need to be cautious about some of the common mistakes that online tutors often commit.

Here are few of the most common mistakes that are committed by tutors online.

  1. Not Being Presentable: If you are taking a face to face session using a webcam, be mindful of your appearance as well as the background. Teaching from the confines of your home does not in any way mean that you shouldn’t dress up professionally. Also, make sure that you choose a corner from which bedrooms or bathrooms are not visible in the background. When you are taking a session, care should be taken that your family members do not walk behind you and get visible in the camera.
  1. Not Focusing on Microphone Placement: This is a very common mistake. Wrong placement can affect the sound quality drastically. Initially, you can test your microphone placement by either recording yourself or taking the help of a friend or family member. Ideally, it should not be directly in front of your mouth but slightly off on one side a little below or above the mouth.
  1. Not Using Headphone: You should make use of headphones so that the typing and clicking sounds at your end are reduced and hence there is the least possible distraction to the students.
  1. Talking Too Much: If you are new to earn money tutoring students online, then you might make the mistake of talking too much. These are short classes where you need to motivate students to go through the reading material and come up with their queries and problems. Make it more of an interactive session.

Taking care of these few things will help you take your career as an online tutor a long way.