Gate Or Crate: Which Works Best?

In the never ending love affair that we have with our pets we also experience the annoyances, irritations, and entire destruction of furniture that can often accompany said love. Therefore so many pet-containment devices have been developed: to control the range of a pet’s access to the house, especially while we’re away (though not just when we’re away). So in the great universal question of ‘gate or crate?’ , how can you tell which will work better for you and your particular situation? Well, we can’t answer that precisely. However, we can give you a rundown on the advantages of a pet gate so that you can consider that specific device for your situation. Just to put this up front: many people prefer pet crates, many prefer gates, and many use both. We can recommend pet gates Australia can rely upon because of our many years of supplying them as well as installing them for our customers. 

Why Use A Dog Gate?

First of all, crates have their place. They keep your pet safely confined. They certainly reduce damage to your home. So why use a pet gate in your home? Here are some reasons:

  1. Your dog can move around more freely than when crated.
  2. The pet is still controlled.
  3. Food and water is available.
  4. A gate can help train a dog in its social behavior within the daily home routine.
  5. A dog can stay behind a gate for longer periods of time than in a crate.
  6. Gates often work better with anxious dogs or pets who find crates to be a fear issue.
  7. Gates store away much more easily than crates.

Pet gates provide a more open form of containment that still allows for freer movement and interaction with others in the home. Pets can also have increased comfort of exercise and access to toys, food, and water while their owners are gone. The gates we supply can even come with a small cat flap built in so that while your dog is restrained from running freely through the house, your cat can still pass between rooms. That really depends on how easily your cat gets around. An older cat might have trouble crossing a dog gate and so a flap would be helpful. We also supply a large variety of pet gates that can meet your needs depending upon the size of your dog, their ability to destroy the things you love, and the size and shape of your rooms. For pet gates Australia has used for years, contact us today by phone at 0414- 922- 751. We happily supply the rest of the world as well!