How to Choose the Best Winter Tires in Calgary

As the weather gets colder in Calgary many drivers’ thoughts turn to getting winter tires. But getting the best ones for your vehicle and needs can take some time and effort. By asking the right questions and being an informed consumer, though, you can find the best winter tires in Calgary and be happy with the purchase you made. That can keep you driving safely in the winter, and also help save you money on gasoline, repairs, maintenance, and the cost of the tires themselves. So what should you look for, and what kinds of information do you need to know to get what’s best for your vehicle? Here are some specifics to consider before you buy winter tires.

Your Winter Tires Have To Be the Right Size

If you want to make sure you get the best winter tires in Calgary, you have to get the ones that are the right size for your particular vehicle. While there are many common tire sizes, they are not interchangeable. Some of them fit only certain vehicles, and getting the wrong size tires can harm your car, truck, or SUV. It can also be very hard on the tires, and reduce their ability to protect you during the winter months when the roads are icy and snowy. If you aren’t sure what size tires you need, don’t guess. Make sure you have a professional tell you what size tires are right for your vehicle, so you can make sure you’re as safe as possible when you drive in the wintertime.

Durability and Mileage Expectations Matter

Tires are sold with mileage information. Some are expected to last 45,000 miles. Some will last 60,000 miles. It may be possible to get tires that last even longer than that, as well. The more mileage you’re expected to get out of a tire, though, the more that tire generally costs. This can be affected somewhat by the brand of tire you choose. If you pick a top name brand tire it will generally cost more than a competitor, sometimes even though the brand name tire doesn’t offer as much mileage as the competition. When selecting the best winter tires in Calgary, make sure you carefully consider the durability of a brand name along with the number of miles a tire should provide.

Even when you only use a particular tire in the winter, you want to make sure it fits your vehicle the right way and will last for a long time. Storing your tires properly when you aren’t using them, and taking the time to buy the right winter tires right from the beginning, can help you be safe in bad weather and reduce the costs associated with driving in the winter.