How To Fit Gas Struts: Help & Advice

Gas struts are a simple but quite vital mechanical device. Mostly used in the automobile industry (bonnet struts, boot struts), gas struts are also used in boats and have several architectural applications.

Gas struts are also often used in the following:

  • Most office chairs that have adjustable height lever
  • Vehicle bonnet and boot lid support
  • Cabinet doors
  • Containers with lids such as tool boxes
  • Window supports

Properly installed marine gas struts help save fingers and toes. There are many types of gas struts to choose from, and it is essential that you use the right one. Visit UES International for expert advice on choosing high-quality and heavy-duty UES marine gas struts.

Weight of the Hatch

Its imperative that you know the weight of the hatch. Instead of trying to guess, take the hatch and unscrew it from the hinges and use a scale to find out its accurate weight. A digital scale or bathroom scale works well. After you’ve weighted the hatch, reattach it to the hinges before you continue to the next step.

Upper Mounting Point

As soon as you have a good idea of where you want the hatch to be supported — open it up. Make sure that you mark a place for the upper bracket of the gas spring on the backside of the lid either halfway or a third from the hinge — opposite side of the hatch.

Lower Mounting Point

Generally, the lower mounting point is just underneath the upper mounting point. Remember that the strut does not need to be perfectly upright. Ensure that it’s in an area that will give you enough room for a ball stud or mounting bracket before you mark the lower mounting point.


Measure from the upper mounting point to the lower mounting point with the lid open. By doing this, you’ll be able to tell if the strut will give you enough length needed when extended.

Ensure that you use the following formula to calculate the strut force that’s required:

Weight of Lid (pounds) x Distance from

Hinge to Hatch Center Line (inches)


Distance (inches) from Hinge to Strut

Mounting Point on the Hatch

Use the Correct Brackets for Installation

The gas strut can provide you with flat and angled brackets to hold an extensive range of installation configurations. Try to through-bolt the brackets. Ensure that you have mounted the gas strut lower than the gas-filled barrel. You’ll notice that the strut will come extended, which will make for a simple installation.