How to Have a Healthy Lifestyle When You’re a Trucker

Many truckers are longtime drivers who have been working in the cab of a truck for years and decades, even. Although truckers may love what they do and the people they work with, at a certain time of life you start to be concerned about your health. Perhaps you are thinking that since you drive in harsh weather conditions any time of the day you’re a very tough person, and that’s likely true, but  sitting for hours can take a physical toll on even the toughest person.

Truckers also work varied schedules, and for those who like a good routine, the change of days spent both in and out of the truck cab, sleeping odd hours in odd places, can have an impact on your health and immunity levels. This alone can be the reason that you feel sick most of the time or you’re always fighting off a cold or virus. To ensure that your health is optimal, consider the tips below on how to have a healthy lifestyle when you’re a trucker:

  1. Identify the fact that you need to become a healthier trucker.

It’s hard to sign yourself up for something when you’re not totally sold on the idea. Before you do anything to achieve a healthy lifestyle, you should first identify that you’re willing to do it. Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t always easy, especially if you’re attempting it for the first time. So if you’re able to identify that there’s a need to do it, you’ll be motivated to continue what you’ve started.

  1. Plan your day and make sure that all your health essentials are included.

When you’re reporting for work, you should have a plan on what are you planning to do. And since you want to have a healthy lifestyle, foods and exercise should be included in the plan. For example, if your supervisor informed you that you needed to deliver a shipment to another state days before, you can plan for the trip by including where you can stop over for meals, rest, and exercise. Doing all of this will reduce the chances of overeating while ensuring you have ample time for a decent workout along the way.


  1. Opt to eat healthier foods at every opportunity.

Since you’re traveling a lot, and you’re planning on eating healthy meals, you have to plan your meals in advance. Sometimes you may want to stop at a healthy restaurant and order the heart-conscious menu items. Other times you will want to eat prepared snacks that you brought from home like fresh fruit, granola bars, etc. This will not only pave the way to a healthy lifestyle, but you can also save a lot when you prepare your own meals. However, if you’ve been instructed to deliver packages urgently, take the time to review some restaurant menus and learn which dishes are healthiest. If you’re in doubt, ask the staff in the restaurant. You should also pay attention to the food portions you’re having and keep them small.


  1. Carry healthy meals and snacks with you in your truck.

When you’re a trucker, you’re usually on the road for long periods. And if you’re exhausted from driving, you’re prone to binge eat at a local diner because you’re hungry. This can be satisfying at times but if you’re doing this too often, your health might be put on the line, and your efforts to live healthily will be useless. To avoid being in that situation, carry healthy meals and snacks in your truck. You can start by packing nuts and protein bars. These will keep you full on the road, minimizing stopovers without compromising your health in any way.

Making the Choice to Live a Healthy Life

Your health plays a huge role in your safety on the road. If you’re sickly, it’ll be tough for you to focus on the road and this can result in accidents. And if you’re involved in an accident, it’s best that you immediately talk to a personal injury attorney who has experience in dealing truck accident cases like this one here. Never think that you can resolve this situation on your own, because more often than not, your DIY solutions may make things worse.

Working as a trucker is not an easy job, and it poses risks to your health since you’re always sitting behind the wheel. Your physical activities are limited. Even if you’re a trucker, there are still different options available to you in order to live a healthy lifestyle. These might be unconventional to some, but if you’re really determined to live healthily, you’re willing to practice the tips presented in this article.