How to Overcome the Fear of Flying

Everyone is scared of something. What matters are how one deals with that fear. Are they going to let it control their lives or are they going to face it? If one is reading this they are probably ready to face their fears, but they might be unsure how exactly to do that. They might have hesitancy or generally not know what to do next. Here are a few steps that one can take to overcome their fears, especially the fear of flying. What works for one person may not work for another person, but they’ll find that something on the list will work for them.

Use their wise mind.

What’s the wise mind? Think about what the worst-case scenario is. Now think about what will probably happen. Giving power to the wise mind gives one power over the situation, and when one has power over the situation, they’re going to be able to do what they are scared. The cliche “mind over matter” can be true in a lot of cases. So, when you are flying next time in an airplane, keep in mind that the safety protocols and equipment are many, and you need not be scared.

Reward oneself.

Is there something that you want? Decide that if you complete the task of taking a flight, and then reward yourself for the feat. Sometimes, the anticipation of a reward can help. Once one completes the task, they will feel so accomplished as they get their reward. The reward may even seem more enjoyable than it would if one had just bought it without doing what scares them.

Look at the evidence.

Often times, looking at the evidence is helpful because one will realise that the statistics point to the person being safe. If you look at the statistics of air accidents in comparison to road accidents, you might actually feel better considering its lower number. There is a lot of information online that one can look up to help them feel better.


Sometimes, when one is scared just doing the thing will be exactly what needs to happen. It can be intimidating at first, but often times they will find out that once they do it, it isn’t actually that bad. For instance, those that are scared of spiders and end up holding a tarantula may realize that they aren’t as bad as one thinks…especially when they are smaller!

Don’t be afraid to try therapy.

If nothing else works, there is no shame in trying therapy. Allen Carr has programs for fear of flying and other fears. Sometimes, one just can’t get over fear on their own, and that is okay. It happens. So, reaching out and getting help and support may be necessary. There are programs out there or individual therapy that will help one be able to get their life back. This may be one of the best decisions that one will ever make in their lives.

In conclusion, one needs to realise that there is hope to overcome one of the biggest fears of flying. Take a deep breath and dive into the new world of courage and bravery because anyone can do it.