Maintain a Proper Chart While Consuming Clenbuterol for Most Effective Results

Clenbuterol is used to melt fat in the body. It increases body temperature which further improves metabolism thereby helping in burning fat. For this cycle, 2 days on and 2 days off is the best. Even if it is 2 weeks cycle, one needs to ensure that there should be 2 weeks off after completion of dosage.

The logic is every simple, enhance your body configuration for certain days and then give rest for the same time span. This way, even if anything reacts or there are any side effects, they go away eventually. This type of cycle is every easy because you start with low dosage and gradually increase it to your capacity. Even your body gets immune to it and doesn’t show any side effects.

Dosage for men to lose weight is different as that for women. Men can start with 40 mcg and women with 20 mcg of Clen. Both dosages are low and would be fine in the beginning because increasing instantly can be harmful. The excellent time to take Clen is in the morning before exercising. Taking later can harm your sleep and can lead to insomnia.

For males, the maximum dosage should be at least 140 mcg, but it should not exceed more than 100 mcg for women. However, both these dosages should not exceed more than three weeks. Once the maximum has reached, we need to reduce it to 20 or 40 mcg before stopping the cycle. This way, body gets immune to lower dosage and even if you stop there wouldn’t be reverse effects.

It is imperative to monitor your body functions after starting the dosage. Once you have monitored no irregularities, then you can start increasing your dosage every two or three days. Generally, athletes and bodybuilders start by increasing 20 mcg every cycle.

When it’s about regular usage of medicine, there has to be some kind of side effects –

  • Nausea
  • Cramps
  • Sweating
  • High BP
  • Dry mouth
  • Headaches
  • Increased palpitations

Clen is sold under many names –

  • Claire Gel
  • Ventipulmin
  • Sopharma Clen
  • Spiropent
  • Clenabol
  • Clenaplex
  • Clenox
  • Oxyflux
  • Superclean

Most of them are available in variety of oral tablets. Nowadays, liquid form is more in demand.

However, whenever you buy it from any pharmaceutical, remember that they would not sell it to you without a prescription. You might get it illegally in the black market, but that would not only be risky, but also there is no guarantee on its authenticity.