Mitsubishi Baltimore

Make Sure Your Mitsubishi is Ready for Winter Driving

The Mitsubishi Baltimore dealership wants you to have a safe driving experience this winter. The winter weather is due to arrive any day now, and when it does you will be faced with lots of challenges when you get in your car. Whether it be snow, ice, freezing rain, hail, slush or any combination of all of them. All of these, weather conditions can make it difficult for you to see where you’re going, to slow down or even stop – all of these factors increase the chances of you being involved in an accident.

For most people traveling in bad weather is not a choice, we all have to get to work, pick the kids up, go grocery shopping and do other necessary errands. Unfortunately, the forecast is not always spot on especially with a brief but dangerous passing storm.

Preparing Your Mitsubishi for Winter Weather

As the leaves on the trees start to change and it gets colder it’s time to take your car to a Baltimore Mitsubishi shop and have your tires checked or snow tires put on, make sure your oil and other fluids are new and for winter weather temperatures, make sure your windshield wipers are working well or have them replaced, have the battery checked being stranded is not a good thing, and maybe even a tune-up is in order.

Make sure you have an ice scarper, snow brush or broom in your car. It’s a good idea to have a blanket, extra warm clothes, gloves/mittens for each person who will be riding in the car at any given time, flashlights, make sure your cell phone is charged, a cell phone charger, flares, or florescent type markers to alert oncoming cars that you are off the road.

Heading Out on to the Highway During a Storm

Before you leave your driveway or any parking lot, make sure you clean all the snow and / or ice off your front and back windshield and all the doors, mirrors, and your headlights and break lights. Of course, it should go without saying don’t forget to clean off your hood and roof, the last thing you want is a pile of snow sliding off your roof onto your windshield while you are driving.  

Remember to reduce your speed to the road conditions, increase the distance between your car and the car in front of you. Never use cruise control while driving in bad weather, you need to have as much control over your car as possible.

Remember overpasses and bridges tend to become slippery before roads. Drive smart don’t pass a car if you feel they are going to slow, don’t pass snow plows or sand trucks because they are likely not to see you coming up alongside of them their visibility may be limited, and they are focusing on the road right in front of them. Your number one goal should be to get where you need to be safely and drive accordingly.

Before the winter weather arrives visit your Mitsubishi Baltimore dealership to make sure your tires are in good condition and everything is running properly.