Open, Pay, Forget about it

The myAirtel app makes bill payment and phone recharge the easiest tasks in the world. We explain why you need to use the myAirtel app for online payments.

You must have heard the name of Airtel Payment Bank, because today’s era is such an age that a new thing comes later in the market but its address goes first. Social media is its main reason. Ever since Airtel started its payment bank, people want to know about it –

There are many questions in mind of people about Airtel Payment Bank like

  • What is the Airtel payment bank?
  • How to open an account on Airtel payment bank?
  • What is the benefit of opening an account on Airtel payment bank?
  • How much interest will it get?
  • Can I withdraw money from Airtel payment bank?

All your questions will be answered. …. Just keep reading the complete article by step by step.

What is Airtel payment bank?

Now you do not have to stand in the bank’s line to withdraw money, Airtel has started its payment bank in India. By opening an account on the Airtel Payment Bank, you can lend up to Rs 100000. So now you need not wait for many hrs to withdraw or transfer money but it all happen in few clicks

What is the benefit of opening an account on Airtel payment bank?

  • One can open the Airtel payment bank on your Airtel number and no need of different phone number for it.
  • Airtel will insure one lakh rupees.
  • 7.5% interest will be received.
  • No need to have to stand in line and wait for your turn
  • With the help of its app, you can pay online mobile recharge, DTH recharge, electricity bill payment and lot of other online payment can also be done with this Airtel payment bank.
  • It is easy to use
  • You can save your lot of time as now transfer of money can be done with just few clicks

How to open an account on Airtel payment bank?

  • Because this facility is started by Airtel distributer and retailer. So Take your base card with you or other id proof
  • The account will open for at least 500 rupees.
  • This facility has just started in India.
  • Once you complete all the process you will able to use your Airtel payment bank. And you can easily do the transaction with this app

 From where you recharge the Airtel

It is easy to get recharge the Airtel from Airtel distributor. To know the balance, install Airtel money app on your smart phone or dial * 400 # from your phone. And you will able to check your account balance

You do not have to be an Airtel number to open an account. In that case you have to get new Airtel number

How to download Airtel payment bank App:

As these days everybody like to do their work by mean of mobile phone. And Smart phone technology makes it easy.  You can also download Airtel payment bank app on your mobile. It can be done by simply search on Google and there you can easily get the download link of this app