Questions to Ask Gold Buyers

When you’re dealing with gold buyers, you can’t expect it to be a simple deal. It would be a wise idea to ask them questions before selling your gold jewellery to them. Besides, you wouldn’t want to regret your transaction when you find out there’s a better deal elsewhere after you sell your items.  After all, you’re not talking about a small amount of cash here. Your unwanted gold jewellery could be worth $1000s of dollars. Hence, you must make certain you’re dealing with experienced and honest gold buyers. Here are some questions you must ask before selling your gold jewellery items to them:

Will you give instant cash?

It’s no secret you’d want cash immediately. You wouldn’t want them to stall the transaction and cause you to wait. If they tell you that they have to pay you later, you may want to think twice about dealing with them. It would be better to deal with gold buyers who will pay you instant cash on the spot not make you wait for a bank transfer. It means they have the cash themselves to pay you rather than wait to sell it then pay you.

Do they have a physical store?

It would be more convenient if they have a physical store. That’s where you’ll meet them face to face and you can assure they made a lot of effort in making the place safe especially if it has security guards and CCTV cameras. After all, you wouldn’t feel comfortable meeting them in a public place or sending your gold items in the mail. Something unexpected may happen and before you know it, your gold isn’t in your possession anymore.

What are their operating hours?

If they have a store, you must ask what time their operating hours are. This is a way to find if your schedule would fit it with theirs. After all, you probably have a full-time job to earn a living. If they also operate during weekends, that would be great news. It means you don’t have to absent a day from work just to sell them your gold. The most popular gold buyers can be quite busy during lunch time.

How long have you been buying gold?

It would be a lot easier to deal with gold buyers who have been buying gold for a long time. Whether they add the gold resell the jewellery again or melt it down, that wouldn’t matter. What matters is they buy your items at the highest price possible. The last thing you’d want to happen is for them to bargain for a much lower price. On the other hand, you won’t feel at ease dealing with buyers who are new to the business. Besides, they may still be testing the waters.

After getting positive answers to all those questions, you’ll feel confident the transaction will go along smoothly. It will only be a matter of time before you get great value for your gold. After that, you’ll feel confident dealing with them again in the future. In fact, you may even recommend the gold buyers to your friends who also have items to sell.