Security Tips for Protecting your Business Premises

Whether you run a small business or have your offices in a city skyscraper, security is important.

A theft from your company means paying for damage, replacing stock and spiralling insurance costs.

The Security Bristol team have put together some security tips for protecting your business premises to help you avoid becoming a victim of crime.

Good quality CCTV cameras

There’s nothing new about putting up CCTV cameras to deter thieves and vandals. The presence of a camera is sometimes enough to make a crook think twice or at the very least capture footage which could be used to trace them afterwards.

But while you can get systems from the high street cheaply, will they give you the coverage and, more importantly, the pictures you need? A thorough installation will cover everything you need from your CCTV system and ensure you’ve got the right kit for the job. Consider cutting back hedges, moving fences and taking away anything a thief could use to hide from a camera.

Burglar alarms

A burglar alarm is an excellent way to deter would-be thieves. Most burglars are opportunists, so if they are looking for an easy target then the burglar alarm box on the outside of your property is an immediate red flag.

Make sure the alarm is installed by a reputable company and, if you’re premises is in an area where the alarm may not be heard by neighbours, invest in a call system that will alert you when it is activated.

Good quality door locks and bolts

Make it as difficult as possible to gain entry to your building. Invest in good quality locks and deadbolts. Think about shutters for windows and doors to keep your premises secure when you are not there.

Security patrols

A lot of businesses are on an industrial estate or areas away from town centres or houses. While this is great for being able to work without disrupting the neighbours, outside of office hours these premises become easy pickings for criminals. Hiring a security guard or organising random patrols of your property will deter intruders. It is a known fact that some career criminals will watch a property for several days before attempting to steal from it and a security guard patrolling at different hours will make it too difficult to attempt.  


A sensor-operated security light will not only keep employees safe as they walk out to their cars in the dark winter months, they will also deter lawbreakers.  If a thief is suddenly highlighted in a floodlight as they approach your door, they will most likely turn tail and run.