Spend Less on your Vacation in Hawaii

Hawaii is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in the world, and if you’ve decided to spend your vacation in Hawaii you will be pleased to know you’ve chosen wisely.

Once you have booked your tickets and reserved a rental house in Hawaii you’re almost good to go. However, if you would like to spend as little money when you’re on vacation you could be forgiven for thinking that Hawaii is expensive. If you know where to look and what you can do for free, you will spend less on your vacation than you imagined.

Food on the Go

Food can be quite expensive in Hawaii, so if you need to eat when you’re on the go why not opt for some energy bars or trail mix as they can be quite filling. Although you should not eat like this every day, an energy bar every so often will not hurt, plus they’re usually packed full of vitamins.

Renting a Car

When it comes to renting a car, you shouldn’t necessarily opt for the cheapest one going as it may guzzle up all the fuel that you put in and pretty quickly too. Try to opt for a vehicle that’s not as old, looks to be in good condition and will not ask you to add more fuel every 100 miles. Trust me, you’ll save a nice bit of cash in the long-run.

Another money-saving trick that’s almost associated with renting a car is the brochures that you’re given when you rent the vehicle. A lot of these brochures contain money-saving coupons that can make your stay just that little bit cheaper.

Eating out for Less

Let’s face it, most of us go on vacation to sample some of the local dishes and to enjoy a few meals out. Some restaurants in Hawaii tend to be a little expensive, but not all of them are, you just have to know where to look. Opt for a ‘Plate lunch’ offered by many restaurants and cafés. Plate lunches come with a portion of meat such as chicken or beef, some rice, and some salad. Plate lunches are usually quite cheap, filling, and satisfying.

Different restaurants and cafés tend to offer different plate lunches but they all tend to be very good, and great value.

Buying Souvenirs

Most of us tend to buy souvenirs when we’re on vacation, however, they can get quite expensive. One of the great things about Hawaii is that it’s home to a Walmart, and you can often find some nicely priced souvenirs there. You’ll probably come across some t-shirts at a cost of $10 for 3 of them, but they tend not to be of a very high quality so you may want to avoid them if you want a t-shirt that lasts for years.

Spending Time on the Beach

Spending time on the beach in Hawaii is a must. The beaches here are simply beautiful, and one of the reasons why many people come back to this part of the world again and again. When you laze around on the beach you’re less likely to spend money. Getting a suntan doesn’t cost anything, the sunscreen will, but lazing in the sun is free.

You may be offered a few drinks or bites to eat by local sellers, but you don’t have to buy anything unless you really want to. Although drinks and meals and snacks are usually quite cheap, the cost can mount up so you may have to watch your spending.

Spend Time on One Island

Many tourists are tempted to go island hopping without realising how expensive it can be. Although the islands tend to offer something different visiting them all can prove to be quite costly. This is because you’ll have to pay for the transportation between the islands, and back again. You may also be tempted to buy more souvenirs, visit more attractions, and spend money that you don’t really need to spend. Do yourself a favour, choose an island to stay on, and don’t leave until it’s time to fly home.

Travel on a Bus

If you’ve spent enough time on the beach for now and you would like to see the sights, you may want to think about travelling on a bus. Renting a car can be a lot of fun and it can give you a lot of freedom, but it does come at a cost. Many tourists are happy to take a bus as a 1-day pass costs as little as $5 and TheBus will take you on a number of routes. Public transport in this part of the world tends to be quite good, allowing you to get around the island or islands for not very much at all. A great way to travel and see what the islands are like from a whole new perspective.

Although you may be willing to spend a lot of money on your flight to Hawaii, you don’t have to spend very much cash when you’re here. You really can save money on your vacation to this part of the world you just have to know how. Eat food on the go, spend time on just one island, and travel on the bus when you can. Laze around on the beach, and generally have a great time in Hawaii without spending very much more than you have to.