Stack Dianobol Cycle And Get Satisfactory Results During Bulking Cycle

Dianabol is the most famous and widely known anabolic steroid in the market. It is available in different forms but oral supplement is majorly preferred. Dianabol is commonly known as Dbol, and was developed only for enhancing athlete performance. It does also have many therapeutic uses but the key factor always was performance enhancement.

It works towards increasing testosterone level in your body, so as to promote muscle mass and maintain it. However, it is necessary for everyone who takes steroid to know that steroid alone cannot help in cutting and bulking. Proper diet and physical exercise with steroid goes hand in hand. If Dbol is combined with proper protein consumption and good amount of calories, it can demonstrate outstanding result.

Dbol shows good result if used alone and not stacked with any steroid. Although, some bodybuilders and athletes are impatient and want fast results, so they stack it with other supplements. Some of the supplements that can give good results with Dbol, if taken in proper cycles are-

  • Testosterone – In this scenario, Dbol is discontinued after six weeks and testosterone is injected for twelve weeks. If Dbol suppresses natural testosterone, you still get it from the injection.
  • Trenbolone – To avoid major side effects some use Trenbolone with Dbol. This cycle continues for eight weeks but still gives good muscle gains.
  • Proviron – It is a mild steroid, which can be safely stacked with Dbol. The main reason to use Proviron is to suppress side effects caused by Dbol.

These are some main substitutes that are combined with Dbol to give astonishing results. However, there are some more substitutes like

  • Sustanon
  • Deca Durabolin
  • Masteron

These few of the substitutes are good examples to be used with dbol and test cycle for bulking.

In the year 1940, Soviet Union had started dominating Olympics because their athletes were taking steroids to enhance performance. This way most of the countries were losing and were lagging behind. After a lot of research in 1958, Ciba Pharmaceuticals introduced their first steroid publicly which was named Dianabol. This steroid made a drastic change in Olympics games and helped US athletes to win from Soviet Union.

However, people were also aware about the various side effects of steroids or why they were banned. Thus, FDA forced Ciba to find its medicinal purpose, as well. FDA now has approved Dbol for treating Osteoporosis and child development issues.

However, now Dbol is found only with a prescription in the US. Anybody using it without a prescription is considered as illegal and is severely punished or fined.