Syncmate: The Best Alternative To Samsung Kies For Mac

For the ones who do not know but Samsung Kies for Mac is no longer available for you to download it. This is why we have brought to you one of the best alternatives to Samsung Kies. The name of the app is Syncmate which is one of the best synchronization tool used for your Samsung device and Mac computer. It may be true that Syncmate and Samsung Kies are very much similar to each other but Syncmate actually provides you with more features in comparison to Samsung Kies. Before you start using Syncmate as your sync tool between Samsung and Mac device, we thought of providing you with the main features of the app.

Salient Features of Syncmate

SyncMate, Samsung Kies for Mac alternative is known to come with various useful features which you can make use of. The main salient features of the app are listed below:

  1. Synchronises your calendars and contacts: You can make use of Syncmate in order to synchronize all your Samsung calendar events and contacts with your Mac computer and that too with ease. The best thing about this app is that it works directly with the address book, calendar apps and contacts of your Samsung device which allows you to have the safest and fastest transfer of data.
  2. Synchronises folders and media: With the help of Syncmate you can also synchronize your folders and media files including images, music, playlists, and videos between your Samsung device and Mac computer. The best thing about the app is that it directly transfer files between your Samsung and Mac. Also, the app doesn’t make use of any intermediary clouds or apps as well.
  3. Automatic synchronization: Syncmate also provides you with the great feature of auto-sync. All you need to do is set the sync process according to your needs and requirements and thus, have all your data up-to-date without you having to check your phone again and again.
  4. Mount Samsung as Mac Disk: You can also make use of Syncmate in order to map your Samsung phone to your Mac device and thus, access your folders with the help of the finder.
  5. Manage your Samsung on Mac: You can also manage your text and calls directly from your Mac device. Also, you can have a total Samsung backup on your Mac device.

Thus, it can be concluded that syncmate is indeed a great app which can be sued for synchronizing your data between your Samsung and Mac devices.