The Benefits Associated With Telecrawler Cranes

If you need something heavy lifted, you may be looking for crane rentals in British Columbia. Cranes can be rented by construction companies looking to build buildings or by homeowners who need something like a piano or air conditioning unit lifted. But what you may not realize is that there are different types of cranes available to rent. Some are stationary, while others are movable. Learning the benefits of different types of cranes will help you determine which type you should be renting. Here are a few of the benefits associated with telecrawler cranes. 

Telecrawler Cranes Move

One of the major benefits to telecrawler cranes is that they move. Telecrawler cranes have a base that can move both side to side and front to back, something that only one other type of crane has the ability to do. If you are moving an item from one location to another, you may need a crane that can do more than swing a heavy item in one direction. If the item needs to be transported several feet or yards away, a telecrawler crane may suit your needs. 

Telecrawler Cranes Go Over Rugged Terrain

As was mentioned, a telecrawler crane is one of only two types of cranes that is on a platform that can physically move distances. The other type is a truck-mounted crane. However, truck-mounted cranes cannot go over rugged terrain, including hills or rocks. These types of cranes can tip over or topple when the truck attempts to roll over terrain that is not stable. If your job site is hilly or rocky, a telecrawler crane has a wide base that allows it to crawl over these objects. This type of crane is your only option under these circumstances. 

The Versatile Base Provides Stability When Stationary

The last benefit associated with telecrawler cranes is that they provide a stable base when the unit is stationary. While telecrawler cranes are primarily designed to crawl over rocky and unstable terrain, the base is so versatile that it provides a stable base even when your unit is stationary. This helps to ensure that you can use the unit as both a moveable and stationary crane. This helps the crane to complete more jobs and is perfect for those jobs that may require both movable and stationary cranes. 

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