The Importance of Finding the Right Museum Storage

When you’re in the business of showing or selling priceless work of art, you really can’t take a lot of chances when it comes to your storage needs. No matter what type of museum you’re in charge of, you have an extremely important task when it comes to preserving history for future generations. Find out more about what to look for before you finally settle on a solution. 

Security Factors 

This is likely first on your mind when it comes to museum storage, although finding the storage facility with the best security is not as straight-forward as it may seem. Every company will tell you that they have excellent security, but that doesn’t mean they all take the same precautions. If you’re storing anything particularly valuable, such as a loaned collection or a priceless manuscript, you’ll need to make sure the facility can handle the extra security requirements. Word can often spread amongst criminals when something so expensive makes the rounds to different cities.  

An Array of Options 

You’re likely not just working with oversized paintings or tiny figurines, but a number of different objects that each have their own proper method of storage. A small statue will have very different needs than a piece of installation art that needs to be kept indoors for just a month or two. If the storage facility doesn’t have enough shelving or space, then the objects could be harmed over the time they spend in storage. They may not have the space they need to breathe or they may end up in precarious positions. You may not be able to find what you need when you need it, or you may find yourself mistaking one piece for another.  

Look for a company who has experience with different types of shelving systems that work to make your life much easier. For example, rotary storage solutions can condense a variety of files, so you pay less money for the same amount of storage. Efficient high-density solutions and durable cabinets can also make it easier to keep everything together so that you can find everything without hassle.  Aurora Storage has plenty of experience when it comes to helping our clients find the space they need to make museum storage a breeze. In fact, we’ve helped save our clients over 50% of space by helping them configure their objects to maximize each square foot. The best part is that we have plenty of experience helping different types of museums, from natural history to art to wax!