The Most Common Infections You Can Get from Dog Bites

Are you known for petting cute dogs wherever you go? Maybe you love seeing them roam around and you want to be their playmates whenever you run into them. For you, these dogs can make your mood so much lighter. But you should also pay attention to the dangers a dog bite presents.

Aside from the bite itself, you can suffer from several infections that can result in deteriorating health over time. To drive the point home, consider the information below on the most common infections you can get from dog bites.

  1. Pasteurellosis: This is probably the most common infection associated with dog bites. This infection is caused by the organism called Pasteurella, which is carried by dogs in their mouths. This bacteria can be transmitted through a bite and usually manifests itself within two to 12 hours after the bite. If you are experiencing pain, redness or swelling in the bitten area, you might have Pasteurellosis. This infection can also spread to different parts of the body, leaving the bitten area. If left untreated, this bacteria can infect the tendons and the bones in your hand, which can result in permanent damage.


  1. Rabies: You’ve probably heard of this sickness before, and dogs are definitely a carrier of rabies. When dogs are young, they should have gotten their anti-rabies shots in order for them to be protected from the infection. But if the dog that bit you didn’t have any of these shots in the past, your chances of developing rabies are higher. If you suspect that the dog that bit you is wild, stray or has rabies, immediately visit your doctor for treatment. You should seek medical help right away, as rabies can cause severe complications and even death.

  1. Streptococcal and Staphylococcal Infections: These types of infections can be found in dogs regardless of breed and age. These bacteria are easily transmitted from dog to human through a simple bite. Although there are around 30 types of staph bacteria, all of these varieties can cause severe damage to your skin. If you’re infected with staph, you can expect to see localized inflammation or pockets of infection known as abscesses in different parts of your body. When the bacteria gains access to your internal systems through a wound, it can cause more serious infections such as osteomyelitis. If untreated, a staph infection can be life-threatening, as it can lead to multi-organ failure, which can rapidly lead to death.


  1. Capnocytophaga: This is the rarest infection that you can get from dog bites. It is also, unfortunately, the deadliest. This type of infection can cause septicemia or blood poisoning, especially if your immune system is weak due to underlying health conditions. This is considered a “silent killer” as symptoms don’t show up immediately. Almost 30 percent of people who develop septicemia from a dog bite will die as a result.

As you can see, dog bites are quite serious. And if you leave dog bites untreated, you are putting your safety and life on the line. If you’ve suffered from dog bites due to the owner’s negligence, you should immediately work with a dog bite attorney like this one here. They have years of experience in handling cases like yours so you can guarantee they can provide you with the best legal options for your situation.

Stay Healthy and Be Safe Around Dogs

All of your efforts to live a healthy lifestyle will be worthless if you’re involved in a dog bite accident and you don’t get proper treatment right away. If an infected dog has bitten you, you can suffer from injuries and infections. This is the reason you should always be careful when around animals. Don’t play with animals you’re unfamiliar with. And, if ever you’re bitten by a dog, regardless of the precautions you’ve made, seek medical help and get legal counsel right away.