The Usefulness of Parental Control Apps

Millions of children all over the world use the internet on a daily basis. It started with desktop PCs, but has become even more widespread with the use of smartphones. Yes, it is a fact that the internet can be a positive influence on the lives of kids because it supports the learning process and is a wonderful educational tool. But, that’s not all there is. It is also a fact that the internet poses dangers and risks that are become more and more prevalent with each passing day. Every time your child accesses the internet on their smartphone, they are exposed to a number of threats such as malicious content, cyberbullying, social media scams, identity theft and a lot more.

It is because of these dangers and risks that parents have to take initiative and protect their children. Taking their smartphone away is not a solution because kids can always find ways to get what they want. Instead, they can make use of a good parental control app such as Family Orbit that are downloaded on smartphones and can be immensely useful. How? Read on to find out:


This is one of the most important benefits that parents can enjoy, especially when both mother and father work. They don’t have to worry about what their kids are doing at home and whether they are studying or not or only using the internet all day. With this feature of parental control apps, you can set a specific time of the day as well as the duration during which your children will be able to use the internet. In this way, you can prevent your kids from getting addicted and ensure they focus on their other chores and responsibilities.

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Restricted content

With parental control apps, parents also have the ability of ensuring their kids don’t view any content that’s deemed inappropriate. Obviously, parents don’t want their children to see anything that’s suitable for their age. Unfortunately, the internet is loaded with all kinds of content and it can be accessed easily. Nevertheless, parental control apps give you the freedom of blocking websites like porn or those that display violent content. The good news is that parents can block complete categories of websites with these apps and not have to worry about their child getting influenced by any negative content.

Blocking people

Every parent wants their child to keep good company. You don’t want your kids to fall in with the wrong crowd, but in this digital age, it can be immensely difficult to figure out who they are spending their time with. Who do they talk to when they are using their phone? Parental control apps can give you the insight you need. These apps can give you a look into your child’s phone records, their incoming and outgoing emails and texts and their social media activities.

In a nutshell, parental control apps can provide every parent with some relief because they are able to ensure their kid’s safety in this digital age.