Top 3 Tips to a Healthy Mouth

It is no surprise that brushing, rinsing, and flossing are the ABCs of oral hygiene; however, they are just a start. Oral health is more than squeezing that paste out of the tube. Ever thought what it takes to have that marvelous mouth? Then think of ditching that regular soda thirst, and have a moment to bid your cigarettes goodbye.

Maintaining a healthy smile involves getting a great dentist to take care of your teeth whitening needs. But ever wondered: what are the best places to find an expert to conduct teeth whitening Calgary? A visit to the dentist usually goes a long way to ensure you have a healthy mouth. Here are a few tips to supplement your quest for oral hygiene.

  1. Pay Regular Visits to the Dentist

The number one must-do for a comprehensive oral care is having regular visits to the dentist. If you are that person who keeps ditching visits to the dentist, then you are among the 50% of adult Americans who do not see a dentist because of dental phobia.

Teeth whitening Calgary is done by some of the qualified dentists in the country. They will check the state of your mouth and recommend best practices to avert the possibility of having gum disease or tooth decay. It is important to spend some time yearly with your dentist, and you will be surprised by what good comes of it.

  1. Practice a Proper Brushing Technique

You probably know that it is advised that you brush your teeth at least twice a day. However, if you are like many people, then you may not be giving much thought to how you need to be doing this. A proper brushing technique is just a step in the whole process of teeth whitening Calgary.

You need to hold your toothbrush at 45°- angle pointing towards the gum line. Then use gentle, short, circular motions when brushing. Make sure that you brush each tooth 11-15 times, but you should not overdo it. Additionally, you need to know that aggressive brushing will erode your gum line and ultimately damage your teeth.

  1. Finesse Flossing

Flossing ensures you have healthy gums and teeth. It is that simple. However, just like toothbrushing, flossing has its wrong and right ways. This is because any flaws in your flossing can lead to friction and cause damage to the gum line.

Get a foot of floss and wrap it around your index fingers and leave roughly two inches between your fingers to help you through the process. You then need to unroll a new section of floss and ensure the floss remains tight against each tooth. This technique will help to keep your gums in good shape as well as break up plaque.