Top 4 Common Driving Mistakes

Most of the time, truck drivers in the US end up spending most of their adult life sitting behind the wheel, driving. However, no single driver can claim to be a perfect driver since 99% of all the road accidents on our roads are caused by human errors. Below are some of the driving mistakes that some drivers commit without realizing.

Bad Seating Position

This may sound a little petty, but it matters a lot. You may be thinking that after all, you have the seat in your car the way you like it. You are at ease when driving and that is all. However, there is more to it. Some truck drivers tend to sit too far back in the replacement car seats and in a position that compromises their control over the car they are driving.

You tend to increase reaction time when your legs are too stretched. On the other hand, when you are too contented with the replacement car seats, you may easily be soothed into a daze and fail to pay attention to what is happening around you. Make sure that you are always sitting in an upright position and you don’t have to overstretch your legs to reach the wheel, gas or brake.

Driving slowly in the Passing Lane

Driving slowly in the passing lane is not only annoying to the drivers behind you, but it can also be dangerous. You are exposing your ignorance of the basic traffic rules, and someone may decide to teach you how to drive in the passing lane resulting in road accidents.

The passing lane is meant for cars only with the purpose of passing quickly along their commute and those who are overly cautious. In many states, driving slowly in the passing lane is a traffic offense, and you can be pulled over and asked to pay fines.

Using Your Clutch as the Brake

This tends to affect most drivers whose vehicles operate on a manual gearbox. The pedal on the left can perform several functions but stopping the car shouldn’t be one of its functions. Most truck drivers tend to use the clutch as the brake when the vehicle stops while the driver is driving uphill. If you are unable to use the clutch correctly, then dump that manual car and buy an automatic.

Switching Lanes While Turning

Most people have been a victim of this mistake, and they tend to commit it without knowing. This attempt to save time can be perilous since the other drivers don’t recognize what you are doing. You are forcing everyone to wait until you are through with your turning before they can signal lane switch.