Top 4 MCAT Myths Busted

MCAT is one of the exams that many students fear.  There are so many misconceptions about MCAT that it does not let many students score as much as they would have wanted. For the best MCAT prep, it is essential that they know these myths and the fact behind each of them. Here are the top myths about the test that you need to know –

Myth 1# You need to have upper-level science knowledge to perform well in MCAT

Fact – To score well in MCAT, you need basic knowledge of the subjects like biology, physics, inorganic chemistry, psychology, biochemistry, and sociology. If you are strong in your basics, you can outperform others. While there might be questions on upper-division topics, you need not have the upper-level knowledge to answer them correctly.

Myth 2# If you are doing great in pre-med courses, you do not have to prepare for MCAT

Fact – Most of the students who have to take their MCAT the second time thought that they would do good since they are doing fine in their science courses. You need to spend at least three months on MCAT preparation if you want to do well. Instead of having to give the exam the second time, it is best to prep for it well the first time around.

Myth 3# MCAT is only about science skills, not verbal skills

Fact – To be successful in MCAT, you also need to have excellent reading skills. For MCAT, the admission officers weigh the Reasoning and the Critical Analysis section the highest than other sections of the exam. They want to assess the ability of the student to learn and communicate.

Myth 4# To get into a medical school, a “magic number” in the MCAT should be enough.

Fact – Your MCAT score alone will not be enough to get you into a medical school. Your MCAT score along with GPA and the cut off for different school will determine if you are accepted into a medical school or not. Even if you have a lower MCAT score, you might need high GPA and research record to get yourself accepted by a top medical school.

It is essential that you start your MCAT prep with these myths in mind and do not let them hinder your performance.