Top Five Creative Travel Hacks to Save Money on your Next Domestic Vacation

It’s your dream to explore the breadth and length of our diverse country, but your bank balance screams “NO.” Worry not; make use of these top travel hacks to travel more without burning a hole in your pocket.

Most of the times, you can hear people complaining, “I love to travel, but it ain’t cheap! Hotels, tours, flight tickets, car rentals, food all cost a lot of money. Is there a way around it?”

Yes, you can satisfy your travelling spirit without breaking the bank. That doesn’t mean you have to backpack your way around the country and stay at dingy motels.

Here are a few smart, creative travel hacks that let you see more, without having to spend tons of money and sacrificing on comforts.

  • Keep an eye on Deals at Boutique Hotels & Resorts

One of the best ways to stay at luxury properties, without paying a fortune, is to keep an eye on upcoming boutique hotels and resorts in your destination. Since these chains are new entrants and want to establish their customer base, they often offer rooms at a fraction at competitive rates as compared to the big players in the hospitality industry.

Additionally, when you stay at boutique hotels, you can expect personalized customer service, a distinct architectural style, and more insider knowledge about your vacation spot. The Khyber, Gulmarg, The Bungalow on the Beach, Tranquebar, Tamil Nadu, Corinthians Pune, and Samode Palace, Jaipur, are some boutique properties that give you a one-of-a-kind experience without being heavy on your wallet.

  • Book flight and accommodation together

At times, travel websites offer you vacation packages which include flight tickets as well as hotels. Grab them as soon as you can. This is because travel sites have exclusive partnerships with airlines and hotels, so they can provide you with best prices that aren’t available to the public.

The total value of the package is way lesser than what you pay when you book ala-carte. Additionally, sign up for the newsletters of travel sites and be the first to know of these super-saver vacation packages.

  • Travel during Non-Peak times

This one goes without saying. Travelling during off-seasons helps you cut down on your vacation costs significantly. Instead of taking kids on vacations during the holidays, try to schedule a trip during school-times. Another perk of travelling during the off-season is that you experience lesser crowds. So you don’t have to waste your precious vacation time standing in queues.

  • Use Multi-City Flights to See more Places for Less

Often, travellers assume that stop-overs cost more, and they book direct, non-stop flights. Well, that’s not true. In fact, you can find cheaper flight tickets when you choose itineraries with one or more stopovers. This lets you can take in the sights of the stopover city without paying extra for airfare.

Let’s assume that you’re flying from Delhi to Ahmedabad. Including a stopover at Pune lets you leave the airport, have a quick tour of the top tourist highlights at Pune, and then get back to the airport in time for your Pune to Ahmedabad flight connection.

This way you get to explore one or more destinations in your route, all without paying extra airfare.

  • Think Outside the Box

Have you ever considered why the most popular destinations come with a steep price tag? The simple answer is “Every tourist goes here during the peak seasons.”

Looking for a hill-station as you find Shimla and Darjeeling to be pricey? Then check out the lesser-known hill stations like Pelling, Kausani, Yercaud, Coonoor, and others. Off-beat destinations aren’t a part of the tourist circuit. This means you avail lower prices across the board including food and accommodation. So it becomes a great way to have a memorable vacation without spending a fortune.

No matter where you’re travelling to in India, there are plenty of ways to cut down on expenses while still having a great vacation. Cheap doesn’t mean bad. Make use of these smart travel hacks to reduce your costs without compromising on your comfort levels.