Why You Should Opt For A URL Shortener For Branding In 2018

The New Year has just begun, and if you want to take your branding efforts to all new heights, achieving great results and increasing your sales revenue by a significant margin, then this is the right time to forge ahead. Take a second look at your existing strategy and go ahead with some innovative steps this year. One step that most leading SEO companies and branding agencies try is URL shortener. They shorten the links of their blog posts before sharing them on various social media channels. Here are some of the main reasons that prompt them to do it and here is why you should do the same-

Click Analysis

Normally, brands share their blog posts, and lucrative product/service offers on various social media platforms. Sometimes, this number can go up to more than one hundred at a time. When sharing normal links, they are unable to see which of the social media platforms contributes most regarding traffic. They keep doing it randomly for many months without even knowing whether it’s good for them or not. This is where a link shortener can prove to be very handy. It allows you to know which social media platform has sent you how much traffic on a particular day, week and month. You just have to select the best URL shortener available in the market and have a great time ahead.

Decision Making

Once you start using a good web address shortener which offers insights such as the number of clicks, referrals and other relevant numbers, you will be in a good position to decide on any branding initiative. You can decide which social media platform you should use more and which one should you use less. Doing this will not only save your time but also ensure that all of your decisions get you desired results.

So, leave aside all your doubts and start using a good URL shortener as soon as possible. Do this once, and you will never have to look for any alternative in your life.