YouTube and its Best Channels Of 2017

YouTube is a place where people visits to learn what they want to learn, for entertainment, for news, for music, for Yoga and everything you can think of are available in the YouTube. Some people now hate to watch conventional television. They spend the free time they get on YouTube. YouTube has become part of their life around the globe. The list of best YouTube channels is a good place to start if you are new at it.

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There are different channels which are very famous in YouTube. They are having more than million followers and they are watched very closely by their followers. Let’s go through some of the best YouTube channels here:

  • Epic Rap Battles: A great hip-off face off with genius lyrics to listen. Historical figures and pop culture are all parts of that channel.
  • Chris Stuckmann: This channel deals with latest released movies. Chris Stuckmann is extremely liked figure and his presentation with humor and intelligent commentary occupies his fans heart.
  • Every Frame A Painting: A channel which brings memorable scenes alive. When you watch the channel on the background of your memorable scenes your appreciation will go higher.
  • CGP Grey: This channel deals with the insights on history, politics, pop culture etc. The guy has a very good voice and can engage you with the subject he speaks about.
  • Stored Food: This channel is dedicated to the one who love to cook and love to eat and love to explore foods from all over the world.
  • KurzGesagt: This channel is about analyzing concepts in modern science. This is one of the coolest school lessons you ever had.
  • All Trap Music: This is a very popular music channel. You can listen heavy metals and other music genres in this channel.