Five Appliances in your Home that need Regular Maintenance and Repairs


Unquestionably, electrical appliances have become a significant part of every household. To say the least, they have made lives easier and convenient. Keeping that in mind, here are top five appliances that should be maintained superiorly and repaired periodically to keep them running efficiently.


With lives revolving around home appliances, it would be nothing but extremely daunting if you would have to do everything yourself, isn’t it? Talking about completing every task manually, if such situation arises, you may not be able to survive with ease.

However, the fact that most people don’t realise is that the overuse of these appliances can lead to their breaking down as they come with limited usage capacity. So, below-mentioned are the top five appliances that you must service often for their better use.

  1. Air Conditioner Servicing:

Routine servicing of an air conditioner will not only increase its efficiency but will also help in reducing the probability of major breakdowns. And with regular maintenance, you can even increase the lifespan of the machine, thereby increasing its usage for a prolonged time. It is recommended that you get AC servicing done by professional services provider such as Housejoy, rather than finding a mechanic individually. Be it AC repair in Mumbai or Delhi or anywhere else, a reliable service provider will not only increase the life of your AC by doing quality work but will give you a good run for the money spent on servicing.

  1. Keep Your Refrigerator Maintained:

To prevent the refrigerator and freezer from heat, condenser coils are usually placed either beneath or at the back of the fridge. With time, these coils accumulate dirt and dust, which obstructs them to function properly. Therefore, it is quite necessary to maintain the refrigerator and get its servicing done from time-to-time. Also, with time, the compressor loses the coolant, so it is advised to refill the same during servicing.

  1. Washing Machines for Efficiency:

Undoubtedly, washing machines are one of the important home appliances. Also, they are the most used ones as well. Hence, to keep their efficiency intact and to make them last longer, you must look after its timely maintenance. But, make sure that you only call for experts and professionals for this job. This is where professional service providers such as Housejoy help you with repair and servicing of washing machines by providing experts at doorstep.

  1. Water Purifier for Clean Water:

To make sure that you remain far away from the waterborne diseases, it is obvious to pay attention to the quality of water you are drinking. And for that, it is essential that your water purifier is actually well-maintained. Moreover, to kill the impurities and germs present in the purifier, it is recommended to get it cleaned properly by an expert from time-to-time.

  1. Microwave Oven for Longevity:

If you use your microwave oven on a daily basis, the need for its maintenance increases even more. Of course, the way you operate the microwave impacts its durability. However, with timely maintenance and check-ups, you can easily increase its efficiency as well as longevity.

The mere presence of these appliances at home delineates that the tasks will be completed without any hassles. While they take care of your work, you must take care of their maintenance. However, don’t go for DIY methods, instead, contact a professional service provider to get the things done qualitatively.