How to Cut Costs on Church Flowers While Maintaining the Beauty

There are two major considerations for deciding on the flowers to use for the church altar during a traditional wedding ceremony. Flowers today Toms River have an overwhelming variety of flowers and therefore this will not be the problem when deciding on the type of flowers to use. Florists, however, recommend that you stick to not-too-expensive floral arrangements for church decorations since the church ceremony will only last a short while. You can then go all expensive and delicate with your floral arrangements and flower types for the wedding reception.

The following tips can help you cut costs on church flowers from Flowers Today Toms River.

  1. Coordinate the floral arrangements and colors with the natural décor of the church. If you choose your flowers well, you should be able to enhance the natural elegance of the church with minimum decorations. The cue for the wedding flower arrangements Toms River that you choose should be based on the stained glass window, the wood accents, the carpeting or any other natural décor that can help create a stunning atmosphere with a simple flower drop.
  2. The choice of blooms should depend on the size of the church. Since many of your wedding guests will not come to or sit near the altar, large blooms that are distinguishable from the back can bring out the effect of a good wedding flower arrangements Toms River.
  3. Coordinate with another bridal couple on church flower arrangements. If the church is holding more than one wedding on the same day, you can save money by splitting costs for flowers from Flowers Today Toms River. If you want to personalize your flower arrangement after the previous couple’s wedding you could simply add distinctive blooms, but this will still be much cheaper than having to foot the entire floral arrangement on your own.
  4. Go for re-usable floral arrangements if you’re working with a budget for floral decorations. As long as you select your flower colors to match with your theme colors, you can transfer the floral arrangements to the wedding reception after the ceremony is completed. This will guarantee a coordinated look between the reception area and the church ceremony and deliver an appealing outcome.
  5. Use the standard arrangements by the church to cut further on costs. If the church has silk wedding flowers, for instance, you could simply augment these with a few blooms of flowers for an inexpensive yet distinctive look.
  6. Make use of fillers to create volume and height for the flowers and reduce the costs. Flowers like hydrangeas, carnations, baby’s breath, ferns and Ivy can be attractive when incorporated in large wedding flower arrangements Toms River