How to reach Kerala by train from Kolkata

Kerala tourism gives you the scope to enjoy amidst the beautiful beaches or get a feel of the serene backwaters and the scenic beauty. If you spend time amidst the serene backwaters and winding rivers, then embark on Kerala tours. By making a tour in this part of the country, you will have the scope to enjoy the vibrant culture as well as the scenic beauty. Visit places like Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi, Kozhikode, Munnar, Palakkad and Alappuzha and enjoy to the fullest.

Kolkata, formerly known as Calcutta is the capital of the state of West Bengal and one of the metros in India. Popularly called ‘The City of Joy’, Kolkata is the cultural capital of the country. Located by the River Hooghly, the city was the capital of the British Raj till 1911.

Both Kerala and Kolkata have a well developed train network and the places are connected together. Although it takes a good amount of time to travel between these cities through train, but the journey cuts through the entire east and west of India and gives you an idea of the great country. It normally takes around two and a half days to travel from Kolkata to Kerala.

If you wish to have a backwater trip, start from Ernakulam. There are two major rail stations viz. Ernakulam Town and Ernakulam Junction. Ernakulam is connected to the rest of the country through a well-spread rail network of Indian Railways. From Kolkata, you can take trains like GHY TVC Express, SCL TVC Express, HWH ERS ANTODAYA Express, SHM TVC Express, and GURUDEV Express and so on.

People, who want to have a charming and delightful experience of Trivandrum without spending much money, can easily avail of train trips. From Kolkata, there are a couple of trains available like Rajdhani Express, SHM TVC Express, and GURUDEV Express and so on. And to know where is your train, check train running status online.

Kochi is another city that is well connected with Kolkata. After you arrive at the city, make a tour of Cochin and make trips to the popular tourist spots like Fort Cochin, St. Francis’ Church and Santa Cruz Basilica. Kolkata and Kochi are connected through trains, such as like GHY TVC Express, SCL TVC Express and so on.

Indian Railway has a highly developed and sophisticated transport network, consisting of both public and private transport. Over 80% of trips are on public transport. All trains have air conditioning which adds to the comfort.