Residential Roofing: What to Expect

Even with the best of ongoing maintenance and patching, your roof will eventually need to be replaced. In most cases, this actually involves replacing not the entire roof, but instead, just the shingles and perhaps a couple of layers below them. Therefore, the cost typically isn’t nearly as expensive as the phrase “new roof” implies. Here is what is normally done for residential roof installation Dallas TX roofers usually encounter:

Wearable Materials are Removed

This is typically referred to as a “tear-off.” The old shingles, under-shingle insulation, moisture barriers, and other such materials are removed. It is a fast, brute-force process since there is no need to preserve them for later use. It will typically take about half a day or even less to get down to the bare wood underneath them. This wooden surface is called the roof deck, and unless it is significantly damaged, it will remain on the house.

The Roof Deck is Examined

It only takes a few minutes to see the entire roof deck once the other materials are off of it. Roofers will look for rot, cracks, and other such damage. Any bad sections will need to be replaced. In cases where there has been severe, long-term neglect, the entire deck will have to be rebuilt. This is significantly more expensive, so homeowners should try to avoid letting rot set in at all costs!

New Underlayments Are Installed

Roofs need more than just decks and shingles. In Dallas, you can expect to see a moisture barrier, tarpaper, and a thin layer of installation go on before the shingles. Together, these materials form a “roof system” that protects against leaks, loss of cooling, heat loss, and adds a bit of storm protection. Not all systems use the exact same components, so don’t worry if your roofer does things a little differently.

The Outer Covering is Installed

For most residential roof installation Dallas homeowners will choose shingles for this part. They come in many colors, look great, and can last for decades. However, there are other options to choose from. Metal, tile, and wooden shakes are available from select suppliers. Since some of these require extra-strong roof decks, they are often used to as replacements rather than upgrades.

When choosing shingles, it is important to pay attention to the length of their warranty. It is a good indicator of how long it’ll be before you have to have the roof done again. Price, however, increases with warranty length. It’s a good idea to balance the two factors as you make your shingle decision.