The best application for Windows 10 platform

Getting a new computer for your birthday or your anniversary is a great way to start the celebration. But you should be updates on what applications that you want to download for your new computer. You have gotten a new Windows 10 personal computer there are many applications that are there which will be best suite D for your computer. But finding the best suited application can be tricky so here is an article that might be helpful to you. Deciding on a can be started off by listing all those apps that are used daily and also the technologies we use every day for the windows platform.


A new kind of application for your Windows 10 computer is the Wanderlust. This is a to-do app that will help you to organize and get ready for every kind of events. This app has features like that of reminders, due dates, and it also has the functionality that will allow your computer to seamlessly sync across IOS, Android, Mac and also the web. So we can very well say that this is a full feature application. This also keeps your computer safe.

Light shot

Another great app for the Windows 10 computer is the Light shot app that will help you to get screenshots in a very easy manner that too with some annotations. Although Windows 10 has a built-in snipping tool but this app is more useful. This application is also free and it has the facility that will allow you to automatically upload and copy the URL to the clipboard and thus making it easy to share the screenshots on social networks.

One note

This one note application is similar to that of the Ever not. It will help you with almost anything that you want. With this app you have the facility to save pictures, and other links to your library. This app also synced to the cloud which makes it search and share easily. This app is also available for IOS, Android and Mac version.


The Chrome application has many extensions and apps so it makes it the best windows browser. You can also stream any TV shows with the built-in chrome cast support.


The VLC media player is one of the most important windows applications. It may not be the best looking media player but it makes everything play perfectly and also it is free.

Read it

If you are a reddit fan then this read it application for Windows 10 is the most suited app for you. This well designed application help you to get notifications, live tiles, and also support for gold features. This is s free application that runs on every Windows 10 devices and also Windows phone.


If you are looking for a full featured launcher app that will help you to find other apps and files quickly then Wox is your best option. This app also allows for a quick search of the web. The Wox application is free to use and it is also an open sourced at Github. The functionality of this application can also be extended by using plug-in.