The Military Diet Has a 3 Day Plan Followed By 4 Days of Leave

The Military Diet is 3-day diet plan, then followed by 4 days of leave and this cycle weekly can be repeated by any person until they have reach your target goal weight. This Diet Plan can help any person lose up to10 pounds each week.

Experts in nutrition

It is claimed that this Military diet plan was created by experts in nutrition in the US military to help solders remain fit as well as get into shape quickly. You can read in other places that the military had no hand in creating this diet. So, no one really knows the truth for sure

No perfect food.

There is no single food that provides all the nutrients and calories that the body must have to stay healthy. Therefore, a balanced diet is made up of macronutrients such as carbohydrates, fats and protein along with vitamin and minerals. As it is a weekly plan, the average person can quite easily go with this as well as check results in a short time. If there is any problem, they can stop it.

Strict limit

During the week, the limit on calorie intake is very strict. So, this is ideal and just perfect for those people who are overweight. Because of the strict limit and other items, this diet is more like a complete diet rather than being just a simple diet plan for fat burning. Its major focus is on giving the correct nutrition to your body by controlling the weight gain.

Any side effects

This diet cannot be followed for very long. This is because of the strict limit restrictions on calories; it might cause a deficiency in nutrients if followed for months. It is meant to be followed for just 3-4 weeks which will aid you in reducing minimum of 15kgs. The diet is developed for a short run to lose 10 lbs at the most in a week. It also has some ingredients that if eaten for a longer period might cause health problems. It was only meant for a few weeks.