Top Five Applications of Borescopes

A borescope is an optical tool that is designed to let supervisors to inspect places, which are otherwise not visible to the naked eye or inaccessible. They achieve this with the help of a camera that is attached to an eyepiece through a rigid or flexible relay tube.

High quality borescopes like the ones from Fiberscope.NET are valuable tools for industrial inspections, thanks to their ability to provide up-close access to such hard-to-access places without the need to de-structure or dismantle the object.

The application of borescopes is significant in several industries that need persistent quality inspections of machine parts, which cannot be accessed easily without dissembling it. This is why this precious tool finds applications in several areas like aerospace, aviation, automotive, sanitation, casting, weaponry, electronics, casting, power generation, refining, and more.

With all the features that borescopes are integrated with, they are useful in a variety of applications ranging from examining heat exchanger tubes and machined or manufactured parts to inspection of internal combustion engines and foreign object retrieval. Discussed below are few of the most prominent applications of borescopes.

  • Borescopes are greatly useful in aircraft mechanics where they are used to reach inaccessible areas of the aircraft’s internal engine turbines to examine and fix any damaged part.
  • They are used by mechanists to make sure that the machined components are precise and of high quality before they get exported for sale.
  • Gun manufacturers also use this tool for inspecting the rifle barrels to find any defect or wear in the barrel, which in turn could affect the gun’s accuracy.
  • Construction supervisors find borescopes to be very useful for finding any damage or defect causing aspect like mold, water or pests, which could lead to failure of building structure.
  • Their applications are not just confined to industrial uses, but also useful in educational and medical purposes to learn about the working of the animal or human body. In these cases, borescopes are referred to as endoscopes.

While these are most prominent applications, borescopes are useful in almost every field where there’s a need to non-destructively examine the industrial systems for condition, manufactured goods for quality, and law and security enforcement for intelligence, contraband, and safety.