5 Growing Trends In Residential Fencing

Home is where the heart is, especially when you are looking for a fence company Austin, Tx. Everything is big in Texas, so selecting the right fence for your property is a big deal. Do you want a tall fence for complete privacy or a shorter fence to accentuate your landscaping. Do you want a wood fence or iron fence or a combination of both? Should you construct it yourself or consult a professional fence company? Here are 5 of the latest trends in residential fencing to help you along your fence building journey.

  1.  Section by Section:  Whether it’s for safety, privacy or decorative reasons a growing trend is using different fences to section the property. Homeowners used to use fences that surrounded the entire back yard. Today, the entire property, front, back and side yards are sectioned off. For example, the whole back yard is surrounded by a tall fence for privacy and within the yard, shorter fences section off a dog house area, children’s sand box and swing set area and an entertaining area. 
  2.  Resurgence of Iron:  Classy, long lasting and stylish all describe an iron fence. The resurgence of custom iron fences is happening throughout the country but one that a fence company, Austin Tx is getting more and more requests for. Iron fences are long lasting and can be custom designed. Iron fences look beautiful on multi levels of the home, too and when installed properly can bring the whole look of the home and curb apeal together.
  3.  Black Fences: Black fences are increasing in popularity because they create a backdrop for landscapes. Not only are black fences ideal for privacy, landscape designers are including fences in the overall design to complement lighting, foliage and flower beds.
  4.  Shorter Fences: Similar to the white picket fences of the past, shorter fences are making a comeback. Some researchers believe it is due to the amount of time that we spend on our computers and mobile devices creating a need for social interaction. Other research indicates that there is a celebration of “old is new” emerging and going back to the All American neighborhood is trending.
  5.  Mixing It Up: Property owners build fences for a variety of reasons whether it is privacy, curb appeal, safety or others. Custom fencing, created with a variety of different materials is a trend that is meeting the needs of today’s diverse homeowner. It’s now common to see wood and iron, wood and vinyl and other combinations that work beautifully together.