This Sensational Leadership Consultant is Helping Students through Crowdfunding

Many Indian colleges and universities underestimate the importance of developing leadership skills in their students before they are thrust out into the professional world. Students are expected to develop an expertise in more than just their fields, but organizational skills as well. Such a skill set will help develop a sense of responsibility, build confidence, teach a student how to network in the corporate world, sharpen their problem-solving skills and ultimately, and help turn an individual into someone who can inspire others.

As a result of more and more industries expecting to hire employees with a basic set of leadership skills in the very least, more and more public speakers and influencers are holding workshops in colleges. Today, health care organizations recognize that for physicians, well-established leadership skills can provide them with the opportunity to strengthen their organizations and positively impact thousands of lives.

Richard King is a learning and development consultant who understands the importance of this acquired ability. Armed with seven years of experience in organizational behavior and leadership with over 50 multinational corporations across the country, Richard helps managers help their young employees become more effective in leadership functionalities.

Richard turned to crowdfunding to train teachers to equip their students with these skills

Over the last few years, Richard noticed that though corporates were evolving in their recruitments, expecting more leadership qualities in their employees, universities and colleges were not adapting. They failed to equip their students with the skills they need to succeed in the dog-eat-dog professional world.

His new mission now is to train university professors to teach their students the crucial organizational skills they need. Richard now runs a campaign on Impact Guru’s fundraising platform to build an online software with over a hundred types of assessments and tests for teachers, to address the areas they need to build on to become better teachers.

Crowdfunding has done an abundance of good in the education sector. In the last decade alone, platforms like Impact Guru have helped hundreds of NGOs raise funds towards projects that seek to build schools, employ teachers and educate thousands of underprivileged students. These platforms have also helped countless students fund college programs abroad, online courses and higher educational endeavours. Join the effort to build more educated, empowered and evolved communities. Begin crowdfunding today.